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Jason Arday

Jason Arday is lauded as the youngest Black person to ever be appointed to a Professorial Chair position in the history of Oxbridge, having achieved this at the age of 37. Professor of Sociology of Education at the University of Cambridge, his research extends to areas of race, intersectionality, mental health, neurodiversity, and education.

Extremely learned himself, Jason possesses a BA in Education Studies and Physical Education from the University of Surrey, an MA in Education and Pedagogy from St Mary’s University, an MA in Education Studies from Liverpool John Moores University and a PhD in Education from Liverpool John Moores University. Currently, Jason holds Visiting Professorship at the University of Glasgow and Nelson Mandela University.

Passionate about racial and other forms of equality, Jason is a Trustee of the Runnymede Trust and sits on the Centre for Labour and Social Studies National Advisory Panel. He is also a Visiting Professor at The Ohio State University and an Honorary Professor at Durham University. Jason’s expertise on matters related to anti-racism strategies have been called upon by esteemed organisations including the Governments of England, Scotland and Wales.

Jason is a prolific speaker who is keen on sharing his expertise on subjects like race, intersectionality, mental health, neurodiversity, cultural studies and education. He may now be hired as a speaker at a wide range of events where he is bound to amaze his audience with his unparalleled expertise as an educator.

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